Why choose audio books?

“Where they burn books they will also ultimately burn people”

Heinrich Heine ( 1797 – 1856)

Assess, prioritize, act

Pardon my rhetoric. I like to tell people I have the cheapest and most powerful hobby in the world. You never quite know what your gonna learn. I also enjoy getting in contact with the author after the book is over. With the advent of the internet you can easily get in contact with your favorite authors. Try it!

 Relevant reasons why you should listen to books:

  • no cost if you get them from your local library

  • you can listen to books while doing almost anything

  • learn to be more pragmatic

  • enjoyable and entertaining

  • become an expert in any subject

  • learn a new language 

  • formulate logical postulates 

  • liberate yourself from suffering

  • quick way to get through a shitload of books 

  • exponentially build your vocabulary 

  • catch up on classical literature 

  • be more gregarious  

pic: the authors’ personal book collection