How it works

The golden rule: he who has the gold rules. 

Audio books are not cheap. I have never paid for an audio book. Money is belief. All you need is a library card. Go to your local library and ask to get a card. If you have friends or family in other cities or states you can use their log in info to access that libraries materials. It’s really easy. Make a wish list of all the books you want to eventually read at each library. Your taxes are paying for public libraries. Might as well get your monies worth.

I’m in good shape; I have access to half a dozen libraries across the country . The apps I use are Overdrive, Librivox, RB Digital and Hoopla. Some work better than others but they all work. I have to admit Overdrive is the most reliable. 

Note: all books on Librivox are free to download without sign up.

pic: Alexander von Humboldt, 1769-1859