Culture, Society, Crime

Culture is sum of collections of beliefs, values, attitudes and learned behaviors. Culture is always being created by the decisions and innovations if its members. Genes and culture co-evolve. We had the agriculture revolution followed by the industrial revolution. Technology is now our master.

Society is a living organism working mechanically. The creations of the human mind are the greatest achievements. All people have the right to self determination. Free will vs compulsion? Society is founded on education, literacy, language and the printing press. Also on the destruction of other creatures. Don’t buy into gossip. Gossip focuses on wrongdoing. The average teenager in the US will see 18,000 murders on TV by the end of high school. Human action involves aspects of compulsion and of free will. The laws of society, religion and nature are what govern us. There was no crime during the stone age. People lived in small groups for life. There was no reason for crime and when it did show its ugly face penalties were very harsh. Where did we go wrong? Cultures that glorify or normalize criminality (like the US) predispose youth to commit crime. Criminality is a learned but not fully conscience behavior dependent on genetic inheritance and life experience. Conditioned by environment during crucial developmental states. Some are Predisposed to learn certain behaviors (religious, criminal) if its only to maximize personal fitness. Crime rates are dependent on two factors: socioeconomic level and male age distribution. Most crimes are committed by males 15-25. Punishment will not end crime. Peace, compassion, love and forgiveness will end crime.

Zeitgeist and how to make the world better. The spirit of the times changes between subsequent generations. If not faster with the internet. Our world is the culmination of the last four decades of leadership. We should avoid using plastics, transition away from internal combustion engines,