Society, Culture and the Zeitgeist πŸ§

Culture is the sum of collections of beliefs, values, attitudes and learned behaviors. The zeitgeist is the spirit of the times (think hairstyles-80’s, 90’s, etc). Culture is always being created by the decisions and innovations of its members. Equally important the zeitgeist is always changing. Culture can eat strategy for breakfast. Culture is lead from the top and grows from the bottom. Our consumer society is a living organism working mechanically. Society is founded on education, literacy, language and the printing press. All people have the right to self determination. Society is possible because of language. It gives a sociolinguistic identity. Human action involves aspects of compulsion and of free will. Humans have an innate need for stability. Without rules, norms, values, expectations people get anxious and confused. That’s why we self organize. Find security and purpose. Genes and culture co-evolve.

Introvert vs extrovert? Do you prefer in the inner world of thought or the external world of experience. If you prefer the inner world of thought you are introverted like me. I am a man of action. I don’t need a many words. I produce results. Its ok to be quiet.

The laws of society, religion and nature are what govern. The state and market are the parents of the individual: the state provides education and protection while the market provides a job, health insurance, and a place to live. Cultures that glorify criminality predispose youth to commit crime. Criminality is a learned but not fully conscience behavior dependent on genetic inheritance and life experience. The average teenager in the US will see 18,000 murders on TV by the end of high school. Crime rates are dependent on two factors: socioeconomic level and male age distribution. Most crimes are committed by males 15-25. Punishment will not end crime. Peace, compassion, love and forgiveness will end crime. The police are the public and the public are the police.

There is nothing more selfish than taking someone’s life away from them. There may not be a solution to all violence and mass shootings but there has to be a way at least reduce it. Gun reform is a band aid solution. The real solution is through strong education, more equal economic outcomes and less violence on TV.