Importance of chess

Stay alert Stay alive

Chess is exercise for your brain. There are many valuable life lessons to be learned from the game of chess. It’s a form of art among many: art of numbers, art of war, art of people, art of math. Sometimes you have to be ruthless. 

Always take an opportunity when it presents itself. You may not get a second chance. Think one step ahead of your opponent. Pay close attention to detail at all times. Never underestimate the power of combinations

Be creative. Stay focused on your goals and don’t be easily distracted.  Be a an effective problem solver. Formulate a plan. Adjust plan as needed if circumstances change. Sometimes sacrifice is necessary. 

Take your time. Be patient and the outcome will be in your favor. Always be determined and faithful to your moral virtues. Do not give up until your heart stops beating.

Develop pattern recognition. Learn to foresee and prevent problems. If you want to succeed you need to recognize the patterns of success. Triple check all your calculations before you execute. Timing is everything.

pic: this flag was designed by Ben Franklin