Need advice?

Every day you will face battles. You must see far and wide.

The greatest battles you fight will be against yourself. To me battle is defined as solving a problem. The three greatest strategists were Sun Tzu, Carl von Clausewitz and Baron de Jomini. They have different thoughts on winning a battle:

Baron de Jomini would say “you attack your enemy at his weakest point without mercy”.

Carl von Clausewitz would say “it depends on the circumstances. You need to be able to adapt to the changing battlefield.”

Sun Tzu would say “the greatest battles are won without bloodshed.”

What course of action do you think is best?

In a lot of ways audio books have become my guiding light. If you have a problem audio books are an invaluable resource. 

Some of the best advice I’ve retained from books is as follows:

  • the best laid plans fall apart after first contact with the enemy

  • you learn more from a defeat than from a win

  • judge people by their actions

  • the lessons of the wolverine: it never backs down, never hesitates and never quits

  • change is the rule and not the exception

  • if my friend attacks my brother I must attack my friend

  • only when we are all brothers will there be peace

  • in the absence of reason there is violence and anger

  • thinking gets you killed while reacting keeps you alive

pic: Alexander the Great aka Alexander of Macedonia, taming Bucephalus