Philosophy, Reason, Religion and my Mate God

Your free to live your life anyway you choose as long as you do not harm another. Consider yourself lightly. Consider the world deeply. How to live a free and virtuous life? Have a reverence for life, respect your parents, love your neighbors as yourself and love your country more than yourself. All of life matters and plays a role. All things alive have an essence. You deny yourself humanity when inflict pain on other creatures. If God made man, than to kill another human being is to rob the world of Gods presence. The force of a man equals mass of his body times the acceleration of his soul. The cause of pain is selfishness and greed. Seek the noble and righteous path. Intangibles like will and cohesion are more important than tangibles.

You reason with your senses. Reason is the only sure path and should govern all endeavors. In the absence of reason there is violence and anger. Only reasonable beings have will. Natures primal instincts are appetite and passion. Language, reason and the pursuit of knowledge is what separates us from lower animals. We are halfway between animals and angels. Sleep is the brother of death. Wake is the sister of sleep. Conciseness can be thought of as the remembered present. Cellular processes occur over the span of femtoseconds (10-15). The experience of the conscience will kicks in after the brain has initiated the action. The brain initiates the behavior then lets the body know. There are three levels to the human mind: 1) the cerebellum (reptile complex)-survival. 2) Limbic system emotion. 3) Neocortexlogic.

The religious experience.

Empathy is a cause of religion. It was a way to explain the unknown. Historically hunter/gatherer societies have practiced animism, agricultural societies have practiced polytheism and nation states practice monotheism. Religion has accompanied war and is part of every culture. Religion facilities war and war facilitates religion. The capacity for religious belief enhances our capacity to engage in war which enhances our fitness. I like to tell people I attend the Church of Mars-the Roman God of war. I enjoy religion. I believe in all religions. A plethora of abuse scandal’s are very encouraging but they all have value and something to offer. God is an intangible presence and the whole human spirit. Gods have changed but the laws of chemistry physics have not. Equations are immortal. Gods tend to resemble important people: kings, priests. Only men decide what Gods are. Respect God but do not depend on him or her. There is no evil in the world. God does not permit evil. Only judgment makes evil. All events are caused by other events. Jesus condemned violence and wanted people to sell their property and give to the proceeds to the poor. Jesus was baptized in the Jordan river. He was one the greatest teachers. He was tried, convicted and executed legally by the state.

Greater love hath no one than this. That a man lay down his life for his friends.

John 15:13