Recommended authors

Me so loquacious 

I cant help but mention this. Most of these writers have multiple books I enjoy. I feel bad about narrowing it down to a small group because there are so many talented authors. Numerous factors go into what makes a good book and even more go into making an audio book worthy of my ears. Sometimes I get so used to the narrators voice it becomes calming, reassuring. and soothing Then I don’t want the book to ever end. 

My top twenty favorite non-fiction authors would have to be:

  1. HG Wells

  2. Michael Drout

  3. Sean Carroll

  4. Robert Hazen

  5. John Nagl

  6. Stephen Hawking

  7. Simon Winchester

  8. Mary Roach

  9. Chris Kyle

  10. Adam Smith

  11. Max Hastings

  12. Stephen Ambrose

  13. Mark Bowden

  14. Bevin Alexander

  15. Bing West

  16. John Keegan 

  17. Brooks Adams

  18. Niall Ferguson

  19. Joseph Ellis

  20. Karen Armstrong 

pic: HG Wells of course, 1866-1946