Movement is Life

“Amateurs talk about strategy; professionals talk about logistics.”

General Omar Bradley

I feel great and love my life. I’ve received some exceptional advice via audio book on staying fit, jovial, and healthy. I also have a degree in molecular biology. Good health is centered around your blood. It is necessary to get your heart pumping and get the blood flowing through your vessels at a higher rate than usual. This gives your body the opportunity to flush out waste products and enhance your nutrient delivery.

Once a day do some exercise of any kind. When in doubt do push-ups, sit-ups and run around the block. Stand up at least once an hour. It takes about an hour for blood to start pooling in your feet when you sit down. Eating correctly is equally important for good health. 

I adhere to the paleolithic diet:                                                     

  • meat                                               

  • grains

  • fruit

  • nuts

  • vegetables

  • water

This does not include:

  • high fructose corn syrup

  • table sugar

  • salt

  • processed foods

  • frozen dinners

  • energy drinks

pic: the author (left) and his homeboys outside their area of operation Mosul, Iraq 2003.