Subjects of Interest

The lion cannot protect himself from traps and the fox cannot defend himself from wolves. One must therefore be a fox to recognize traps and a lion to frighten wolves. 

Niccolo Machiavelli from The Prince

More input

I’ll warn you I have an unhealthy obsession with warfare and particle physics. Even books can be addictive. 

Fact can be more strange than fiction. Fiction can be fun but fact is more intriguing and useful. I am a curious person by nature and books help me to answer the big question: how does the world work.

I’m also an ardent supporter of The Great Courses and Modern Scholar series. These are books written and read by college professors. There a hundreds of these books all varying length.  I can usually get through one in a day. They are available through most libraries free of charge. 

My strongest subject matter:

  • Particle Physics

  • Geochemistry

  • Free Market economies

  • Astrobiology

  • Revolution

  • US History

  • World History

  • Ecology

  • Nature

  • Tank Warfare

  • Urban Warfare

  • Technology 

  • Insurgency

  • Counterinsurgency

  • Guerrilla Warfare

  • Political Theory

  • Gardening 

  • Depression Era Gangsters

  • Iraq War of 2003

  • Star Birth/Death

  • Mathematics

  • Paramilitary Spies

  • Mafia

  • Botany

  • Genetics

  • Investing

  • Shall I continue? 

pic: standard model of particle physics.