The greatest battles you fight will be against yourself

Strategy wins wars. Tactics and operations win battles. A battle is nothing more than solving a problem. Overcoming an obstacle. When in doubt improvise, adapt and overcome. 

If you have a problem someone has probably written a book about it. 

Three great strategists and authors: Sun Tzu, Carl von Clausewitz and Baron de Jomini

Some good advice off hand:

  • the best laid plans fall apart after first contact with the enemy
  • you learn more from a defeat than from a win
  • judge people by their actions
  • the lessons of the wolverine: it never backs down, never hesitates and never quits
  • change is the rule and not the exception
  • if my friend attacks my brother I must attack my friend
  • only when we are all brothers will there be peace
  • in the absence of reason there is violence and anger
  • thinking gets you killed while reacting keeps you alive