Career Success on Your Mind

Career success requires you to live it, sleep it and dream it. Intelligence, hard work, and a willingness to take risks are the ingredients for success. Careers are a process and you will encounter friction. Successes and failures are always temporary. My career has gone every way except the way I expected. I am doing exactly what I want with my life and I answer to nobody. However the invisible hand that moves markets can take its time to deliver. Failure is a part of learning but your integrity and ethic are a reflection of your character. Character can be more important than skill. Character becomes destiny. Judge people by their character, actions and results. Relationships with your distinguished colleagues are based on confidence. The best work places: they allow you to imagine and invent, listen to recommendations from every level, encourage use of vacation, etc.

Ignore conventional wisdom, put your career first, and put off serious relationships until you achieve some level of success. You have to be smarter than everyone else. Be first or be better. The value of education is in the training of the mind. Not learning fact. There are two types of education: book and street. I was lucky enough to get both. Challenge yourself and find something you enjoy. This is your life were talking about. The state and market are the parents of the individual: the state provides education and police protection while the market provides a job, health insurance, and a place to live.

Ace the interview

I am so afraid of judgment and I can be shy around people I don’t know. I can even freeze up in interviews. Its been a tough but productive learning process. The more interviews you do, the easier it will get. I try not to take it personally when I don’t get the job. But how can I not take it personally when I’m a person? I try stay positive and be patient. You only get one chance so goes with out saying to be on time, dress appropriately and silence your phone. Kill them with politeness and make them smile but don’t be a comedian. Have basic stories prepared for questions about previous experiences. Tell them what they expect to hear: you will be focused and creative, you are a great fit because you will exceed the standard.