Why audio books and how do they work

Why choose audio books? 

I like to tell people I have the cheapest and most powerful hobby in the world. You never quite know what your gonna learn!

You don’t really want to watch another sitcom do you? It’s just the same people as last time in wacky situations completely disconnected from the real world. There are too many mediums to watch TV. Everything in moderation I guess. TV is bland, predictable and networks are quick to take advantage of you. The sky is not the limit; there are foot prints on the moon. 

 Reasons you should listen to books:

  • no cost if you get them from your library
  • expand your knowledge
  • you can listen while doing almost anything
  • be more pragmatic 
  • enjoyable and entertaining
  • become educated on any subject
  • build your vocabulary 
  • be more gregarious  

How do audio books work?

Audio books are not cheap. Your taxes are paying for public libraries. Might as well get your monies worth! I have never paid for an audio book. All you need is a library card. Go to your local library, bring proof of residency and get your free library card. If you have friends or family in other cities or states you can access their local online libraries as well. Make a wish list of all the books you want to read. 

The apps that I like to use are OverdriveLibrivoxRB Digital and Hoopla. Some work better than others but they all work well. I have to admit Overdrive is the most reliable. 

Note: all books on Librivox are free to download without a library card. Pretty good deal.