More TV?

“Do nothing which is of no use.”

Miyamoto Musashi ( 1584 – 1645 )

Ideas lead to power but power requires ideas. 

I don’t have the attention span to watch TV. When I do watch TV I like to put on live animals via Youtube. There are too ways to watch TV. Everything in moderation. I feel bad when I watch TV because I could be learning something. Refrain from sitting on your ass too long.  You don’t really want to watch another sitcom do you? It’s just the same people as last time in ridiculous and wacky situations completely disconnected from the real world.

TV is bland, predictable and quick to take advantage of you. There is an entire world out there. The sky is not the limit; there are foot prints on the moon. The talking heads on the news just sell you fear. Talk shows focus on gossip. Gossip focuses on wrong doing. Stay out of other peoples affairs. Make your yourself more profitable. Your just making someone else rich. 

We need to think for ourselves. Learn computer animation and make your own shows. Learn to do things left handed (if your right handed). It may come in handy someday. 

pic: artist rendition of Miyamoto Musashi (the greatest sword fighter to ever live).