Words and root words

There’s nothing more fulfilling than learning a new word. I’ve noticed that some words frequently recur in very different books. This is not intentional but serendipitous. When you hear the same words, quotes and material over and over again it is ingrained in your frontal lobe. Please download my ever-increasing list of useful words for everyday life.

Useful words for everyday life

Learn your root words. They are not only fun but very useful. The English language is slightly easier to navigate when your aware of the root words.

Some of my favorite root words

  • -bell (bellicose, belligerent, antebellum)
  • -fac (factory, benefactor, facility)
  • -mal (malady, malnourished, malignant)
  • -spect (spectacles, spectator, spectrum)

Click on the link below to learn your root words.

Root words web page

pic: Hubble ESA deep space picture in optical and IR wavelengths three billion light years away. There are six trillion miles in one light year. Thank you for gravitational lensing.