Remember this: you are destined for greatness!

Hello there my friend! Looking for answers? Looking for a good book? Look no further cause either you win. Buckle up because you are about to embark on an incredible journey. I have the cheapest and most powerful hobby in the world. I am the audio book master and I and life couldn’t be better. As you can tell I have a reverence for this wonderful thing called life. Give me a moment to explain my enthusiasm: books make me feel important. They bring value to my life. Books answer questions I didn’t know I had. Books are my guiding light and I have read a ton. I have perfected my craft, budget my time wisely and am able to get through one book every two days! I live The Audio Book Life and the potential is infinite! What you do with your time matters and I want to share my lessons with you. Knowledge is to be shared. Progress depends on the spread of knowledge.

I feel I’m not always very smart or creative but books make me feel good about myself. I’m seeking an understanding. I’m naturally a curious person and curiosity is how you learn. I choose to learn from other people. The pre-frontal cortex is mission control for learning. Books have elevated my communication skills, made me a happier person and helped me to find myself. I want the same positive thought provoking experience for you. At times I actually feel I have this life thing figured out and books have been a large element of my life. Most books I read fascinate me. That puts me in a perpetually hyper excited state. Audio books give me energy and have become a lifestyle. It’s not for everyone. Audio books are a colorful ray of hope in a dark world. You never quite know what your gonna hear. Free audio books? I have never paid for an audio book. I have listened to hundreds, maybe a little over a thousand. Audio books are not cheap. Your taxes support libraries and they have ebooks and emagazines too. If your willing to spend the money books are worth it but you don’t have to. One drawback: the library is limited. They don’t always have the audio books your looking for. They usually have more options in ebooks. When in doubt check Audible or The Apple Store. The Point: listen to more books. I listen to podcasts occasionally but prefer books. Audio books are not cheating. They are just as fulfilling as the hard copy and reading tends to make me drowsy.

Reasons you should listen too:

  1. No cost if they are from your local library!
  2. You can listen while exercising, doing chores, or laying in bed!
  3. Be more pragmatic, knowledgeable and entertaining!
  4. Master a new topic!
  5. Become an encyclopedia!
  6. Build your vocabulary!  
  7. Learn a new language!
  8. Learn to speed listen!
  9. Build confidence!
  10. See things in a different light!
  11. Express yourself with more clarity!
  12. Find meaning and purpose!
  13. Get in touch with your favorite authors!

Easy Directions:

  1. Go online or in person (depending on Covid) to your local library for a library card and fill out an application.
  2. Receive library card, find an app and enter your library card number.
  3. Have access to any subject or topic in eformat.
  4. Start a Goodreads account to track and rate your books.
  5. Email your favorite authors.

Thanks for reading! Please make a one-time donation to support my audio book blog :)

Thanks for reading! Bring you sanity in an insane world. Please make a monthly donation to support my audio book blog :)

Thanks for reading! Bring you sanity in an insane world. You are truly destined for greatness. Please make a yearly donation to support my audio book blog :)

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