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Looking for a good book, closure, humor, success, advice regarding work or relations? Look no further. You are about to embark on a journey of thought, discovery and insight. I’m the audiobook master (ABM) and I have the cheapest and most powerful hobby in the world. Audiobooks have become my guiding light, offer potential, and are an efficient way to learn anything. If you can learn anything than you can succeed at anything. My problem is sometimes I don’t feel smart, creative, talented or confident.

Here is why I choose to live the audiobook life: learning gives me energy, reading makes me feel important, books have taught me to think for myself, learning gives me confidence, reading helps me answer complex questions, books bring value to my life books, learning is lifelong, reading makes me feel good about myself, books have brought my relationships to new levels, learning has become the norm, reading helps me interpret the world in fundamental ways I can understand, books teach me about who I am.

Free audio books? Audiobooks are not cheap. ABM has have never paid for an audio book and has listened to thousands. You can listen to audiobooks, read ebooks and even look at emagazines from the library for free. If you cant find your book at the library then maybe it’s worth spending some cash. You could log in to your friends or families library accounts in differing regions to see if they would have it.

Reasons you should listen too:

  1. No cost!
  2. Listen while exercising, doing chores, or laying in bed!
  3. Be more pragmatic, knowledgeable and optimistic!
  4. Master a new topic!
  5. Become an encyclopedia!
  6. Build vocabulary!Β Β 
  7. See life from a different point of view!
  8. Find meaning and purpose!
  9. Take advantage of consumer friendly digital technology!

Easy Directions:

  1. Go to your local library and get a card.
  2. Find which app your library uses and log in.
  3. Access to any subject in digital format.
  4. Start a Goodreads account to track your books.
  5. Start a conversion with your favorite authors.

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