“The only limit to your capabilities is your mind and the ability to control your mind is the strongest weapon you will ever have.”

Gary O’Neil from American Warrior

Greetings!! It is so nice to meet you! Welcome to my home and office. 😀 My name is Michael and life is great! I have read over 1000 books in less than 10 years. My goal is to make your life better. YES YOU! Please allow me to pass on the many benefits of reading to you. Please check out my Goodreads.com profile. 

I live the audio book life. I’m what you call a professional audio book listen to-er. Books have absolutely changed my life. I want the same positive thought provoking experience for you. I started with by reading books full-time. Eventually I learned the convenience and power of digital audio books. You might say I live my life in a perpetual excited state because I am always listening to books that fascinate me.

The creations of the human mind are the greatest achievements of our world. This website is an advocate for science, history and audio books. 

Be reasonable, good tempered and gracious.

Science helps explain how the world works on the small scale (quantum mechanics) and large scale (general relativity). History is the biography of civilization. History is not about memorizing names or dates but investigation, analysis and interpretation. There are no miracles in history only causes and consequences. 

Prepare for the audio book revolution. Victory favors the daring!



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