“The only limit to your capabilities is your mind and the ability to control your mind is the strongest weapon you will ever have.”

Gary O’Neil from¬†American Warrior

Greetings it so nice to meet you! Welcome to my homeūüėÄ My name is Michael and life is great!¬†

This website advocates for science, history and books. My goal is to pass on the benefits of reading and learning about the world. The creations of the human mind are the greatest achievements of our world. Civilization is possible because of language. It’s important to be reasonable, good tempered and gracious.¬†

Are you a maverick? Are you an independent thinker? I have read over nine hundred books in my short life. I’m what you call a professional audio book listen to-er. With the great power of a book you can accelerate your learning curve exponentially. Books have changed my life for the better. I want the same positive experience for you. All progress depends on the spread of knowledge.¬†

I live the audio book life. Audio books are thought provoking. I started by just reading books full-time then started listening to an occasional book on CD and eventually learned the convenience and power of digital audio books. Once I am done with a book I like to give them reviews than pass on what I have learned on my blog to you. Please check my Goodreads.com profile. 

Science helps explain how the world works on the small scale (quantum mechanics) and large scale (general relativity).¬†History is the biography of civilization. It’s not about memorizing names or dates but investigation, analysis and interpretation. All events have lessons to be learned. There are no miracles in history only causes and consequences.¬†

Prepare for the audio book revolution. Victory favors the daring!

Why choose audio books? 

Pardon my rhetoric but I like to tell people I have the cheapest and most powerful hobby in the world. You never know what your gonna learn!! 

 Reasons why you should listen to books:

  • no cost if you get them from your library

  • you can listen while doing almost anything

  • learn be more pragmatic and¬†

  • enjoyable and entertaining

  • become educated on any subject

  • learn a new language¬†

  • build your vocabulary¬†

  • be more gregarious ¬†

How do audio books work?

Money is belief. Audio books are not cheap. I have never paid for an audio book. All you need is a library card. Go to your local library, bring proof of residency and get your awesome library card. If you have friends or family in other cities nationwide you can access their local online materials as well. Make a wish list of all the books you want to eventually read. Your state taxes are paying for public libraries. Might as well get your moneys worth!!

The apps that I like to use are Overdrive, Librivox, RB Digital and Hoopla. Some work better than others but they all work. I have to admit Overdrive is the most reliable. 

Note: all books on Librivox are free to download without a library. I also enjoy contacting the writers via the internet. They are always open to debate and criticism. They are especially open to praise. 

Recommended authors 

There are countless great writers and great writing styles. 

My favorite authors would have to be:

  1. HG Wells                                                                               

  2. Michael Drout

  3. Sean Carroll

  4. Robert Hazen

  5. John Nagl

  6. Stephen Hawking

  7. John Keegan 

  8. Mary Roach

  9. Chris Kyle

  10. Adam Smith


Ideas lead to power but power requires ideas. 

I don’t have the attention span to watch as much TV as the average person. There are too many ways to watch TV. Everything in moderation. You don’t really want to watch another sitcom do you? It’s just the same people as last time in ridiculous and wacky situations completely disconnected from the real world.

TV is bland, predictable and quick to take advantage of you. There is an entire world out there. The sky is not the limit; there are foot prints on the moon. The talking heads on the news just sell you fear. Talk shows focus on spreading gossip. Gossip focuses on wrong doing. Stay out of other peoples affairs. Make your yourself more profitable. We need to think for ourselves. 

Time to awake

I have this whole life thing figured out. You need to be flexible, adaptable and smarter than everyone else. Evolution is adapting to the changing environment. Adapt or die. Don’t let natural selection get you. 

Its important to live life on your terms. You should do what makes you happy. Anyone that has a problem with that kick them the hell out of your life. Don’t tolerate bullshit. If you have a problem with something its helpful to make your opinion known. Be more dogmatic. You should investigate this principal thoroughly.



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