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Hello there my friend! Looking for answers, advice, or perhaps a good book? Well look no further. Buckle up because you are about to embark on an enriching and meaningful journey. I have the cheapest and most powerful hobby in the whole wide world. I live the “Audio Book Life” and the potential is infinite. I listen to books all day everyday and I have learned reverence for this wonderful thing called life. Give me a moment to explain my enthusiasm: books give me energy, make me feel important and bring value to my life. They help answer questions I didn’t even know I had. Books have become my guiding light in this crazy world. I’ve perfected my craft, budget my time wisely and now I can get through one book every two days. What you do with your time matters and I want to share my trade secrets with you.

Sometimes I can’t help but feel I’m not very smart or creative but reading makes me feel good about myself. Reading puts me in a perpetual hyper excited state of mind. I seek understanding. Books teach me about who I am. With enough books life starts to make sense. I want the same worthwhile experience for you. I’m starting to feel I actually have this life thing down. The audio book life is rewarding but takes determination and patience. It’s an investment. Enjoy cause either way you win! I am the audio book master (ABM) and life is great.

Free audio books? The ABM has have never paid for an audio book and I have listened to over one thousand. You can borrow audio books, ebooks and emagazines from your local library free of charge. If you are willing to spend the money, audio books are worth the price. I go through too many books to pay for. Audio books are not cheap. If you cant find your book at the library check Audible or The Apple Store. You could log in to your friends or families accounts in different counties or states. The point is listen to more books. I listen to podcasts too. They are great but prefer books. Listening to books is not a form of cheating. Audio books are efficient and just as fulfilling as the hard copy. Reading books just takes longer and makes me drowsy.

Reasons you should listen too:

  1. No cost if they are from your local library!
  2. You can listen while exercising, doing chores, or laying in bed!
  3. Be more pragmatic, knowledgeable and optimistic!
  4. Master a new topic!
  5. Become an encyclopedia!
  6. Build your vocabulary and your confidence!  
  7. Learn a new language!
  8. See life from a different point of view!
  9. Express yourself with more clarity!
  10. Find meaning and purpose!
  11. Start a conversation with your favorite authors and tell them how much you liked their books!
  12. Take advantage of consumer friendly digital technology!

Easy Directions:

  1. Go online or in person to your local library.
  2. Request a library card and fill out an application.
  3. Receive library card, find an app and enter your library card number.
  4. Have access to any subject or topic in digital format.
  5. Start a Goodreads account to track and rate your books.
  6. Email your favorite authors.

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Thanks for reading! Bring you sanity in an insane world. You are truly destined for greatness. Please make a yearly donation to support my audio book blog :)

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