“The only limit to your capabilities is your mind and the ability to control your mind is the strongest weapon you will ever have.”

Gary O’Neil from American Warrior

Welcome to my home! My name is Michael Henkin and life is great! Thank you for taking the time to read this. I’m what you call a professional audio book listen to-er. With audio books you can easily accelerate and propel your learning curve. All progress depends on the spread of knowledge. Education is the basis of knowledge. 

I have read and listened to over five-hundred books since 2013. I advocate for science, history and audio books. Audio books have changed my life. I want to pass on the benefits of reading and studying the world to you. The creations of the human mind are the greatest achievements of our time. Civilization is possible because of language. Literature is what leads to film and theater. It’s important to be smart and creative. 

I live the audio book life. It definitely evolved over the years: I started by reading books full-time, then started listening to an occasional book on CD and eventually learned the convenience of digital books. The audio book life is not for everyone but it’s definitely for me. I like to review the books I listen to and pass on what I have learned on my blog. Please check my Goodreads.com profile. I don’t listen to much non-fiction other than classical literature (Shakespeare, Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Steinbeck).

Science helps to explain how the world operates. From the four fundamental forces of nature (electromagnetism, gravity and the strong/weak nuclear forces) to the elementary particles that make up our amazing world (fermions and bosons). 

History is the biography of civilization. It’s not about memorizing dates or names but investigation, analyze and interpretation. All historical events have valuable lessons to be learned. There are no miracles in history only causes and consequences. 

Prepare for the audio book revolution. Victory favors the daring!

pic: the author in lab extracting venom from a Colubrid snake





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