Career Success 🀠

Success and failure are temporary. Career success requires you to live it, sleep it and dream it. Intelligence, hard work and willingness to take risk are the ingredients for success. Find something you enjoy (or maybe tolerate) that allows you to pay your bills. My career has gone every way accept the way I expected. I struggled to find what I am good at and what I want to do with my life. I can say I am working the exact job that I want to. If I wasn’t working in a medical lab I would be volunteering in one. I like what I do and wouldn’t have it any other way. I like working, having something to do, being part of a team and making my own money. It buys me independence and builds my confidence. At this point employers are lucky to have me. I learned to judge managers by their results. I’ve worked with lots of nice people but very few hard working, dedicated people. Character becomes destiny. Engaged employees are more productive, provide better service and outperform less engaged staff. A healthy job: allow you to speak up, listens to what you have to say, trusts your judgment, understand life happens, lets you rest and maybe encourages the use of vacation.

Getting the job is a process. Seek career advice from people that have already done it. Listen to those who know. Put your career first and put off serious relationships until you achieve some level of success. You have to be smarter than everyone else. Be first or be better. I have interviewed people in my jobs. I’ve been on both ends. Your resume is a summation of your accomplishments and should be fun. The interview is just a formality. I can be shy around people I don’t know and have even frozen up during interviews. Its been a painful process but with experience and audiobooks I can hold my own in interviews. Every interview is an opportunity to make your answers slightly better. The more interviews you do, the more comfortable you will be. After the interview write down some of the questions and brainstorm how you could have better answered.

  • Helpful hints for interviews:
  • Don’t memorize your answers just rehearse.
  • When in doubt sell your skills and experience.
  • Speak with confidence and have energy.
  • Ask questions about the company and job.
  • Kill them with politeness.
  • Make em smile but don’t be a comedian.
  • Have stories and examples prepared.
  • Tell them what they expect to hear.
  • Overdress for the occasion.
  • If you freeze up just take a deep breath and say something, anything.
  • Listen to audiobooks on how to interview.
  • Close the interview by reaffirming you would very much like to join their team and remember to get an email address to say thanks.

Click here to download my interview question and answer cheat sheets.