Science and History Sharpen Your Mind 🧬

Facts enrich the experience. Information is a reduction in uncertainty. Learn natures secrets. The universe has produced beings capable of studying itself. Science is not a religion it is a process. The progress of civilization depends on science because it is essential for advancement. The creations of the human mind are the greatest of all achievements. Observation is the basis for science and science is used to describe how things are. Life is all around us. It is ordered chemistry. All natural processes and all human actions are transformations of energy. Everything in the universe obeys mathematical rules and ratios. Science helps explain how the physical world works on the small scale: protons, electrons, neutrons, quarks (quantum mechanics) and large scale: planets, stars, galaxies (general relativity). Nature follows consistent principles that can be deciphered. The basis of scientific thought and life in general per Michael Faraday: explore, observe, experiment, eliminate sources of error, compare theory with experimental findings, keep thinking, draw whichever conclusions stand the test, even then be open to challenge and lastly don’t become a prisoner of your own ideas. This philosophy makes sense (argument by induction). The trust in the electron orbital structure of matter. Matter is energy at rest and all matter casts a shadow.

The formulas for success are written in history. Human nature does not change. Think historically and understand the past. History isn’t about memorizing dates it is the biography of civilization. History is the story of human survival. It includes investigation, interpretation and imagination. Mankind has faced crisis throughout history. The story of human history is short. Our society is still in its infancy. History doesn’t repeat itself; people choose to repeat history. History is made by individuals and written by survivors. There are no miracles in history only causes, consequences and statistical outliers. A common saying among historians “The past is a foreign country. They do things differently there“.

Learn to recognize patterns. Patterns are how I see the world. The brain gets stimulation from patterns. Call it pattern perception. Everything is governed by patterns. Follow the pattern. Patterns are the opposite of randomness and uncertainty. We must reject the concept of uncertainty and instead deal with the uncertainty that exists in the real world.