Study Your Opponent, Believe in Yourself and Become a Leader

The lessons of the wolverine: it never backs down, never hesitates and never quits.

You build self-esteem by living your values. You are capable of rising as far as your abilities take you and fear protects us from making mistakes. If you cant believe in yourself you cant believe in others. Leadership requires human sympathy. Don’t follow. Be a maverick; an independent thinker. A leader takes charge. People are depending on you to make the right choices. Leadership is like a rhinoceros: hard to define but easy to recognize. Its not what your born with, its your strategic architecture. Everything is a choice. The rational choice model. Don’t complain about fairness. Nothing is fair and everything is random chance and necessity. Spend time finding solutions. Never show fear but danger comes from trying to surpass your limits. Who dares, wins!

When I joined the US Army at the age of twenty I had very little confidence in myself. After basic training, some experience in the Army and earning the rank of sergeant at last I had some confidence. I had been taught how to lead followed with some experience in various leadership roles. Being in charge, making decisions, organizing then refining. I enjoyed my leadership experience, like when I was First Sergeant for a day. That kind of experience is indispensable and gave a feeling of uniqueness. Being a parent is a position of leadership. It’s not about you. Its about them and making their lives better. Follow your instinct. Instinct is genetic…give me a calm heart and a clear mind.

Successful leaders are emotionally intelligent. Leaders, like entrepreneurs and business professionals, need to learn to manage risk. Action vs inaction. Leaders have a vision and managers make it happen. Motivation can make up for a lack of resources. Conflict resolution and problem are solving are therapeutic. They help you develop. The only limit to your capabilities is your mind and the ability to control your mind is the strongest weapon you will ever have. You can never be broken as long as you remain master of your mind. Intuition is knowledge we feel but cant explain or spell. Being calm and collected is more rewarding than being dramatic. Those who are unhappy will be unhappy at any age. It is a matter of character, etiquette and form. People will irritate you. The world can be full of fools. Do not fight them. Master yourself and keep a serene mind. Trust but verify. Don’t let your guard down even in good times. Don’t be afraid to curse someone out, if they deserve it.

Perspective comes with time. Age has no meaning in the universe. The only time that truly exists is the clocks in atoms. The frequency at which they vibrate. There is no past; there is no future. Don’t let anyone tell you your old, or dumb. There are timeless lessons in life that can only be gained through experience. There is no substitute for practice. You can kill me but you cannot harm me. Self defense is the first law of nature. Stand up for yourself! Better to accept a metaphorical black eye than sacrifice your pride.