Believe in Yourself and Become a Leader πŸ±β€πŸ

The lessons of the wolverine: it never backs down, never hesitates and never quits.

Leaders are born but leadership can be learned. Leaders listen then do the right thing. As a leader you will be judged on who you are inside, what you know, and how you act. You are held to a higher moral standard. Trust and communication reinforce each other. When I joined the Army at age twenty I had very little confidence. After completing basic training, experience in the military and earning the rank of sergeant I could finally say I have some confidence. I was taught to be physically and mentally tough, competent, confident, highly trained, adaptive, knowledgeable, disciplined, self aware and multi faceted. As a leader I’m in the business of disciplined initiate: getting things done. Results matter. Motivation can make up for a lack of resources. The only limit to your capabilities is your mind and the ability to control your mind is the strongest weapon you will ever have.

You build confidence by living your values, accomplishing goals and making a difference. You are capable of rising as far as your abilities take you. A leader takes charge. People are depending on you to make the right choice. Leadership is like a rhinoceros: hard to define but easy to recognize. Everything is a rational choice model. Nothing is fair and everything is random chance and necessity. Spend time finding solutions. Never show fear but danger comes from trying to surpass your limits. Keep a balanced perspective. Even the best leaders are never always right. Being a parent is a position of leadership. It’s not about you. Its about them and making their lives better. Follow your instinct. Instinct is genetic…give me a calm heart and a clear mind.

Perspective comes with time. Time has no meaning in the universe. Clocks weren’t invented until the 1850s. The only time that truly exists is the clocks in atoms. The frequency at which they vibrate. There is no past; there is no future. Don’t let anyone tell you your old. There are timeless lessons in life that can only be gained through experience. There is no substitute for experience. You can kill me but you cannot harm me. Self defense is the first law of nature. Stand up for yourself! Better to accept a metaphorical black eye than sacrifice your pride. Don’t be afraid to curse someone out, if they deserve it. The perfect clarity: devoid of delusion, ego or evil.