Love is True Self Reliance πŸ’•

Vices never go unpunished and virtues never go unrewarded.

Love is a force field of sorts: you can feel it but you cant see it or touch it. Love is where the head and heart intersect. All emotions of the soul are caused by love. It’s an essence. Love is becoming an adult. It is emotional maturation. To love you must first know yourself. This is why love is difficult. The origin of love is empathy; feeling for other people. Love yourself and others will love you. If you cannot love yourself others will have a hard time. I haven’t always felt worthy of love. Love is lifelong journey.

Hatred is caused by love. All emotions are caused by love. Real courage is to be gentle. To harm another is to harm yourself. It is not hard to be a good person. Compassion comes naturally; cruelty is learned. The wicked are always weak. The good are always powerful. Hate is strenuous. It takes energy. Anger only hollows you out.

My wife and I waited ten years before we got married. We have such an amazing relationship. I look forward to our lives together. We do what works for us, not what society or family say is best. Successful relationships are about acknowledging strengths and accepting weakness. Relationships require energy. Be willing to invest time. Know your limits and communicate if you are uncomfortable. Listening can be just as important as talking.

Friends and family.

Put family above all other concerns for it is the most stabile possession. My family means so much to me. We have such a strong bond and so much history together. With family you are always strong even when you may be weak. I am grateful for my family. Not everyone is so lucky to have a close supportive family so be sure to call someone in your family once a day.

Friendship is forged in steel by confidence and trust. Friends are the finest adornment for any lifestyle. Advantage results from friendship. All creatures enjoy companionship. Everyone wants to belong. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, third law.

Think right, do right and you shall find salvation.