Love is True Self Reliance

Vices never go unpunished and virtues never go unrewarded.

Love is an electrifying universal emotion. Its like a force field traveling in all directions. All emotions of the soul are caused by love. Love is expressed differently between cultures and genders. It’s not something you spell. It’s an essence you feel. The origin of love is empathy. Feeling for other people. Love yourself and others will love you. If you cannot love yourself you cannot love others. Emotional intelligence are where the heart and head intersect. Love is becoming an adult. It is emotional maturation. To love you must first know yourself. This is why love is difficult. I haven’t always felt worthy of love. If you don’t know where you are a map won’t help. It is not hard to be a good person and express your feelings. Compassion comes naturally. Cruelty is learned. The wicked are always weak. The good are always powerful. Hate can be strenuous. It takes energy to hate. Anger only hollows you out. Every hatred is caused by some love. There is nothing more selfish than taking someone’s life away from them.

Reciprocal Altruism

Think right, do right and you shall find salvation. All people share a common humanity and command a level of respect as equal. Real courage is to be gentle. To harm another is to harm yourself. We are all just trying to make a better lives for ourselves and our families. Combat or cooperation? Cooperation between unrelated individuals will increase if the cooperation acts are frequently reciprocated. When people look out for one another we have a better functioning healthier society. Altruistic groups benefit more from cooperation than a selfish group. By helping others we help ourselves. Only when we are all brothers will there be peace. There are many different lifestyles. Lots of questions, concerns, comments and few answers. We have no options only directions. Good deeds, good thoughts, good words, good night.