Friendship, Family, Relationships and Happiness

Put family above all other concerns. Family is the most stabile possession. With family you are always strong even when you may be weak. Call someone in your family once a day.

Friendship is forged in steel by confidence and trust. Or as the Army would say “by blood, sweat and tears”. Friends and the finest adornment. Advantage results from friendship. A friend knows best how to hurt you.

All creatures enjoy companionship. Everyone wants to belong. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, third law. Sometimes relationships are about accepting weaknesses and strengths. You need to put energy into relationships. Success with relationships require trial and error.

Your free to live your life anyway you choose as long as you do no harm. Happiness is the greatest and highest good. Happiness is being sure of yourself, acquiring and applying knowledge and skills then achieving goals. Seek external achievements. I am honored to share the universal human experience with you. Lets bask in the enjoyment of life. This is our time in history. Our planet is an oddity. Conditions on this planet are just right for habitation and it has organic intelligent life. Think about it: Earths magnetic field protects us, the atmosphere protects us, right amount of oxygen in the atmosphere, temperatures are just right (liquid water), an appropriate distance from the sun (a typical G2v star). Earth and mankind have other enjoyable conveniences to offer: fruit, chocolate, smartphones, cotton, water, love, cars, vegetables, birds. All these wonderful things. It is worth living and taking part in form and function. We are alive and have five senses. The senses are how we perceive the world. The senses are a gift.

No friend ever served me, no enemy ever wronged me whom I haven’t repaid in full.

Lucius Cornelius Sulla-Roman General and Statesmen

You can’t change the past but you can ruin the present by worrying about the future. Live a free, virtuous and righteous life. Leave the world a better place. Seek a profound moral compass.

Wisdom ranks above wealth. Self sufficiency is the goal of wealth. Wealth will not necessary bring happiness because you are still dependent on other people. You will never be free from worry. The things we desire most are the things that we least need. Like the Buddha said detach yourself from lust, hatred and ignorance. If you do not crave you cannot suffer.

Its ok to be quiet. I’m more of a thinker myself. Introverts prefer the world of inner thought while extroverts prefer the external world of experience. I am pretty introverted but books have taught me to enjoy the human experience.