Happiness 🌴

Happiness is one of the greatest achievements in life. You deserve to be happy. You have worked hard. Happiness is believing in yourself, achieving goals, taking care of one another and living your values. You can never be broken as long as you remain master of your own mind. The things we desire most are the things that we least need. Those who are unhappy will be unhappy at any age. It is a matter of character. People will irritate you. The world is full of fools. Do not fight them. Seek a profound moral compass.

There are so many things to be happy about. Just the fact we are here is a miracle. The age of reptiles is over. This is the Cenozoic era; the age of new life. It is the mammals time. Our planet is such an oddity. Conditions are just right for life. Think about it: Earths magnetic field and atmosphere (O3) protect us from the dangers of space, temperatures are comfortable enough to give us liquid water (a prerequisite for life), plants give us CO2, we give plants O2. All these factors make life possible. What a beautiful thing. We are alive and making history. We can see, smell, taste, touch and hear. The senses are a gift. Lets bask in the enjoyment of life.