Health, Stress, Music and Survival πŸŽ±

Never stop moving.

Eat right feel right. Eat fruit every morning before you start your day. Eat vegetables at night with dinner. Your body is made of cells and cells need vitamins and minerals (to complete cellular reactions), proteins (amino acids to build new proteins), lipids (to build new cell walls), carbs (to make energy), nucleic acids (new copy of genes). You would be surprised how much of this stuff goes into just making red blood cells. Try to minimize sugar (soda, candy) and processed/freezer food (chips). Stick to the paleolithic diet: grains, nuts, fruits, vegetables, meat and mostly water.

Some things in life are about the numbers. If your not burning more calories than your taking in you stand the chance of gaining weight. Get a half hour of exercise daily. Get your heartrate up daily. Maintain a healthy heart by eating right and making the time to workout. Heart disease, diabetes and cancer are currently the biggest threats to mankind. Worship the Sun: it brings warmth, joy and light. Movement is life. Warmth is currency in nature. Want peace and serenity? Walk around the block. Walking is a sanctuary in motion. Maintain good posture and use proper kinesiology when you walk. Breath through your nose. Take care of your teeth. Wash your face every morning. Don’t take a lot of vitamins. Just more chemicals in the body. One multivitamin a day is all you need. With a proper diet there is no need for additional vitamins.

Had a bad day or stressed out? Don’t take it out on them. Sit down and breath. Focus on what’s right in your life and not what’s wrong. React with your brain and not your emotions. Learn to deal with stress in appropriate ways. It can be tough but people depend on you and you need to be there for them. It’s ok to be emotional. It’s not OK to harm or abuse. If you don’t have much family or many friends find something to look forward to. I suggest music therapy. Music, like the heartbeat, has rhythm which equals good brain chemistry. Music taps into evolved psychology like a mechanism that is adopted for other functions but likes to use similar sensory modalities. Music is the universal language. When I start to feel blue I play a few songs that I love. It puts me in at least a better mood. I think our descendants were happier because they had more challenging lives. Another good solution to stress is pets. I prefer in order: dogs, snakes, birds, ferrets then cats. All help alleviate stress. I cant imagine life without my dog. She’s always helpful for stability. Avoid hardcore drugs or opioids. Too dangerous. Don’t do that to your family or your body. Smoking some weed and drinking some alcohol are one thing. Don’t overdo it. I’ve always been more of a smoker.

Chess is good brain exercise. Chess is the oldest and most popular board game in the world. There are 10x120 possible outcomes on a chessboard. There are 10x80 atoms in the universe. That’s a lot of possible lessons:

  1. Always take an opportunity; you may not get a second one.
  2. Make a plan and adjust as needed; be flexible.
  3. All plans fall apart after first contact.
  4. Think ahead. 
  5. Pay attention to detail. 
  6. Never underestimate the power of teams.
  7. Sometimes sacrifice is necessary. 
  8. Take your time.
  9. Never give up.
  10. History shows victory favors the daring.
  11. Never take it personally.
  12. You learn more from a defeat than from a win.
  13. Develop pattern recognition.
  14. Learn to foresee problems.
  15. Triple check your work.
  16. Timing is everything.
  17. See the obvious when others do not.