Politics and Economics Got ya Down πŸ’°

Greatest political statement ever! Brennan K. you are a gentleman and a scholar! When I was serving in Iraq in 2003 my aunts’ class of fourth graders sent me homemade letters and poems. This is the only poem I retained throughout the years. It means a lot to me. Politics is war without bloodshed. War is politics with bloodshed. Politics is a mirror test. The voice of the people is voice of God. It’s about people and honesty. It is politicians job to make the country a better place. In politics you can’t trust anyone except your enemies. Governments are created by human beings to oversee the needs of other human beings. The US constitution protects the liberty of the individual and is one the greatest political achievements in human history. Maybe followed by the Magna Carta.

An American is one that accepts all the vales and principles of liberty. I don’t expect my elected officials to be experts in anything but I do have some elementary standards in education and governance. As far as I can see governments and politics have ruined the world. Anyone who isn’t capable of being honest with you, that wont share their taxes and has a non disclosure agreement you shouldn’t trust. Ideas lead to power but power requires ideas.

I vote with my eyes, ears and wallet. I’ve always had a tough time bringing myself to vote in a two party system dictated by lobbyists, where corporations are heavily invested in politics, for a candidate that has never served in the armed forces and am tired of elected officials gaining extreme wealth. Still I choose to vote. I am more comfortable having a say. I just wish there were more statesmen. A statesmen has a profound moral compass, a bedrock of principle, a vision and a consensus. Philosophers and statesman think while politicians maneuver. Politicians tend to overlook their principles. Just like any company or organization if someone isn’t doing their job get them out. Right person for the right job. Principle matters more than politics. Career politicians should not exist. People should represent their communities for a two or three terms and return home.

I am not a Republican nor am I a democrat. I am a registered Independent. If I absolutely had to pick a party I would pick the GOP. However, I cannot vote for this party anytime soon. The GOP has been thin ice with me since 2009 because of the failure to prevent 9/11, starting an expensive unnecessary war in 2003, failure to act after hurricane Katrina and most egregious mistake: the recession of 2008. This party has been trusted with power for the majority of the last couple decades. Even before Trump politics I was hesitant to support this party but after four years of Trump this party made their priorities clear.

We don’t practice democracy. We are a federal republic. If a candidate gets the most votes and loses then how are we a democracy? Real freedom lies in the thin space that separates an American citizen from an armed member of their government. De Oppreso Liber (Latin for liberate the oppressed; special forces motto). If we live in a free country then it is the free mans job to fight for all free men. Preamble to the Universal Declarations of Human Rights: All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another is a spirit of brotherhood. Laws are derived from nature and all humans born from and share the same nature. Everyone is a part of natural laws, divine laws and humans laws.

How fix politics: vote for statesmen, education requirements for office, get rid of electoral college, don’t waste so much money in politics, new term limits for federal elected officials and officials need to be held to higher standard. More investment in business and manufacturing and less in weapons and defense.

Todays inequality, inflation, extreme health costs, etc. are not a failure of capitalism. They are biproducts of the last forty years of politics. Capitalism is an economic system in which rational private property rights and enforceable contracts provide for the efficient functioning of markets that generate price signals and which favorable institutions exist to create incentives for participation in the system. The word credit derives from the word “karmas” Latin for I believe. Money is belief. This is not true capitalism. True capitalism would have let car manufacturers, airlines and other business fail. This is crony capitalism, where the elite profit at the expense of the population. I want to try laissez-faire capitalism, let it be. Maximize freedom and minimize government. Banks help industry grow. Competition lowers price. Profit drives growth. However some things are not best left to the market. The best investments a government can make are in health care and education. Govern best govern least. Reason should govern all endeavors. Different classes have different interests. Throughout history society has separated itself by socioeconomic status. Class consciousness.

Business is about survival and surplus, having faith in ideas, about the advancement of self and society. Business is exciting and rewarding. C-type corporations aren’t all bad. Corporations take risks and this is good for the country. This is how progress can occur. New ideas lead to new industries. Sometimes corporations lose all.

What went wrong with the US economy? During the Cold war the US invested heavily in defense testing and after the Vietnam war defense spending led to government deficits, inflation and difficulty for American manufacturing to stay competitive. The US favored defense spending over manufacturing. The inventions of America are made elsewhere. During the Reagan years there was a boom in the US economy. Millions of jobs were created. Then we started neglecting education, public health and infrastructure. On top of that they privatized health care. The US was the most wealthy nation but also the most poorly educated developed country. 4 causes of recession per financial inquiry commission in 2009: widespread failures of financial regulation, dramatic breakdown in corporate governance, poorly prepared policy makers, massive increase in risky borrowing.

How can we fix the US economy? Hire thousands of firefighters from local communities, make health care cheap, make is easier to start a business, spend resources wisely: invest heavily on education, infrastructure, first responders and new technologies. Governments can advance or hinder an economy. Government needs to let the economy grow. Allow people to make money and they will plow it back into the economy. Society must move forward otherwise it will die. It needs to be nurtured and allowed to develop. Must make room for growth.

Empires tend to dig their own graves. Commercial civilizations tend to rise and fall in predictable cycles. Masses of people draw together in large population centers and engage in commercial activity. As their desire for wealth grows, they discard their spiritual and creative values. Their greed leads to distrust and eventually the society crumbles.

Brooks Adams from The Theory of Social Revolution