Which Book and App to Select 🎃

The smartphone apps that I use to listen to audiobooks are Libby, OverdriveLibriVox  and Hoopla. The library decides which app you can use. Audiobooks are downloadable for offline use or can be streamed with internet access.

Not sure what to listen to? The number of books out there is astounding but don’t panic. Things to consider when deciding:

  1. Fiction book vs non-fiction book?
  2. Does the topic/story appeal to you?
  3. What are you going to learn from this book?
  4. Do/Will you like this author/narrator?
  5. Are you going to finish it?

I listen to mostly non-fiction. I’ve realized Im in the minority on that one. I am just a curious person. Some of my preferred topics: economics, biography, forensics, philosophy, psychology, religion, military, cooking, law, politics, biotech, anthropology, navy seals, ecology, paleontology, self help, business, wild west, depression era gangsters, artificial intelligence, astrobiology. I do like fiction, esp. classical literature. It is part of a proper education. Study noble things and fill your mind with nobility.

I recommend: The Great Courses, Modern Scholar Series, Scientific American, For Dummies, Charles River Editors, Politically Incorrect Guides, Learn25 and DK audio books. These are all available through your public library for free.

Helpful hints: 1) Set audio books at x1.25 playback speed to get through them a little faster. 2) Add a bookmark if needed to take notes. 3) Use your buddies accounts in other cities to access their libraries.

TV and movies are fun ways to spend time. Movies bring out the best in people and help form bonds. Like everyone I love a good movie, have great memories of movies growing up and have memorized my favorite lines to my favorite movies. Still I sort of transitioned away from the TV lifestyle. Books are more rewarding for me. Do you want to binge watch another sitcom or drama? Don’t buy into gossip. Gossip focuses on wrongdoing. It’s the same people as last time in wacky situations not applicable to the real world. Do you want to sit through another movie? I don’t want TV taking up too much space in my head. If anything watch TV with the volume off or down while listening to an audiobook. I’ve learned to watch TV with my ears and hear with my eyes.