Which Book, Topic or App to Choose

The number of titles from the library alone can be astounding but don’t panic or feel pressure when choosing. Just like a TV show just pick something your interested in. Be open to something new every now and then. Audio books have helped me make sense of the world so I listen to mostly non-fiction because I am inquisitive about human nature and the physical world. You are welcome to contact me for a specific recommendation tailored for you. I’ll help ya find a meaningful book. Wouldn’t be the first time.

If your looking for random topics: economics, biographies, forensics, philosophy, psychology, religion, military, cooking, law, politics, biotech, anthropology, navy seals, ecology, particle physics, self help, business, historical fiction, wild west, depression era gangsters, artificial intelligence. Fiction and classical literature are part of a proper literary education. Make time for the classics. Other occasional fiction topics I enjoy are on World War 3 scenario and hitman books. I enjoy The Great Courses and Modern Scholar Series. These are written and read by college professors. They are incredible! I also like Scientific American, For Dummies, Charles River Editors, Politically Incorrect Guides, Learn25 and DK audio books. These are available through public libraries and all for free. Study noble things and fill your mind with nobility.

The audio book library apps that I use are OverdriveLibriVoxRB Digital and Hoopla. Some apps work better than others but they all work well. They all have pluses and minuses but the apps I use most are Overdrive and Hoopla. I’ve heard Libby is good but don’t know much about it. Happy Note: all books from LibriVox are free to download without signing up. They can always use volunteers to read books. Pretty good deal! Helpful hints with audio books: you can control the speed of books. Set them at x1.25 or even x1.5 playback speed depending on the narrator and your tolerance level. Add a bookmark where needed. Use your friends and families accounts to access their libraries content.

Shows and movies are fun way to spend time especially with friends and family. Movies bring out the best in people and help form emotional bonds with people. Like everyone I love a good movie, have great memories of movies growing up and memorized my favorite lines to my favorite movies. Still I have sort of transitioned away from the stereotypical TV lifestyle. Books are more rewarding for me. I usually have a hard time deciding what to watch so I just watch nothing. Do you want to binge watch another sitcom or drama? It’s the same people as last time in wacky situations not applicable to the real world. Do you want to sit through another movie? Everything in moderation. I don’t want TV taking up too much space in my head. The only time I really stop listening to books is when I’m at work or with my family. My average audio book is about eight hours. Takes me a day maybe two depending on work. The longest audio book I’ve listened to is 44 hours. It took me about a week. It takes time to finish an audio book but less time than actually reading it. If anything binge watch TV while listening to a book with the volume off or at least down. I’m usually more concerned about my book than what’s on the screen anyway. I’ve learned to watch with my ears and hear with my eyes. TV has too much violence for me anyway. Violence is an easy, low-cost means of communication. Try a documentary on PBS?

Some of my favorite authors: Michael C. Drout, Rufus Fears, HG Wells, Ian Kershaw, Bill Bryson, Max Brooks, Sean Carrol. Eventually you learn which narrators like most. Some have calm and reassuring voices. When you get used to hearing someone’s voice it can be hard when it ends. I’m not too picky about who narrates my book. Some of favorite narrators: John Pruden.